Ahoy there, we’re Sam & Rev!

and It’s our honor to help you plan for your great loop journey!

We have been around America’s Great Loop twice! When we completed our first loop, we decided that we loved it so much the first time, we just had to do it again! We enjoyed it that much.

But it didn’t start out that way!   

When we were handed the keys to our big boat, we didn’t know how to turn it on much less operate it. We looked at each other and knew that we had bitten off more than we could chew. Now what?!? We decided to leave the dock and learn as we go. And we did. But we don’t recommend you doing your loop that way.

And that’s exactly what Great Loop Academy is all about.

We have a Great Loop Planning Starter Kit that will walk you through the four most important parts of doing the loop: The Journey, The Boat, The Crew and Living Aboard. We also have a Lock Course that will make you an expert while sitting in your favorite chair at home. Learn first and then go have an incredible adventure. Start your training here.


Sam: Sam is a USCG 100 Ton Master Captain and has been boating since his teens. He completed a career in the USAF initially trained as a Navigator, then selected and trained as a Pilot. He flew the B-52G and U-2R, instructed as both a primary and advanced jet instructor, and served on staff in three director positions. Sam then went on to commercial aviation to fly the Boeing-747, 737, DC-9, Fokker-100, and the Airbus 320 family. Sam founded Crouse Training and Consulting, Inc. in 2004 where he served private and government organizations. He holds a Masters from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Doctorate from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Rev: Rev is a retired elementary education teacher and former executive director for the second largest school district in Texas. She first taught elementary school, followed by a director position in technology where she led a program to help teachers use technology in the classroom. Rev was selected to implement a learning system for 220 campuses in Dallas, Texas. Rev was then promoted to Executive Director coordinating district-wide goals. She is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and holds a Masters from the University of North Texas in Instructional Technology. Rev, along with Sam, founded What Yacht To Do in 2019 and Great Loop Academy in 2021.