Boat Buying Assistance

Are you getting ready to find your Great Loop Boat?

Maybe we can help.

SITUATION: You are cruising the internet, and you find that “perfect” for Sale By Owner boat. But the seller does not want to entertain or work with a buyer’s broker or agent! What do you do? You feel like you need help, but the seller is closed to the idea of a broker or agent, and you don’t want this opportunity to slip by.

SOLUTION: I will help you navigate the process confidentially and professionally. I bought three boats on my own and sold them on my own without a broker. Plus, and perhaps more important, through my experience helping others learn their “new to them” boat, know what leads to headaches, wasted time, and expensive repairs.

Contact me BEFORE you make an offer or engage a seller for advice on how to proceed and we can work together quickly and confidentially.

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