Captain’s License

What Yacht to Do is a proud affiliate of Mariners Learning System, the most effective and efficient way to obtain your Captain’s License. The self-paced, online course has superb, responsive, and professional instructors just a click away. You will take your USCG proctored exam at home with user friendly and state of the art computer methods.

Get Your Captain's License!

FREE: Once you sign up via our affiliate link with Mariners Learning System (at no additional cost to you), and after you receive your study materials, send Sam an email and get a free 15-minute coaching call (or Zoom, if available) on his tips for success with the course.

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Getting your Captain’s license is a huge step. Beyond personal improvement and learning a lot from the course, you will have the potential to earn income. With just one lengthy training and delivery job, you can recoup the cost of the course.

Plus, MARINERS is certified by the USCG to allow you to take the test at home from your own webcam equipped computer. This saves you a trip to the USCG or an in-person testing location.

Here are Sam’s abbreviated 10 steps that he suggests you do in order (many have timelines associated with them). During your free 15-minute call, he will help guide you through the more challenging steps to make it easier.

1. FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit

2. Fill out a draft CG-719S Sea Service to determine which rating to pursue

3. Pass a Physical Examination (CG-719K)

4. Adult CPR Training/ First Aid Training

5. Pass a DOT Drug Test Link with (CG 719P)

6. Obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)

7. Completion of the Mariners Learning System USCG-approved online course and passing of USCG proctored Exam

8. Notarized CG-719B Application

9. Payment of Application Fee

10. Three signed letters from non-relatives attesting to ability to operate a vessel

MARINER’S LEARNING SYSTEM: THE BEST way to get your Captain License in today’s busy world!