Captain’s Corner

We first started a newsletter when we began our Great Loop Jouney in May 2021.

It started out being a travel update so our friends and family could hear all the gory details of what we newbies were doing out there on the water.

As we learned more, our newsletter morphed into an educational publication.

Sam got his Captain’s License and began sharing boating tips he was learning.

He called the segment: Captain’s Corner

Listed here are our Captain’s Corner Topics since May of 2021. We are working to make them available in some way, so stay tuned to our newsletter to learn more.

Also, if you would like to be a Guest Writer, email us at and suggest a topic. Sam will contact you to discuss and pick a date for you to work toward.


  • May 5th Lyle’s Law of Certitude
  • May 20th Why Boats Crash – USCG Boating Statistics
  • Jun 5th Sound Signals and the USCG Boating App
  • Jun 20th 2019 USCG Boating Statistics; Sunscreen
  • Jul 5th Captain’s License – 10 Steps
  • Jul 20th Boat Construction Terms
  • Aug 5th Appeal for Topics
  • Aug 20th Fog and Rules for Signaling
  • Sep 5th Wing Dams: Danger Below
  • Sep 20th Coast Pilot
  • Oct 5th Mornings of a Trip
  • Oct 20th Unexpected Fog
  • Nov 5th Our Grounding the Tennessee River
  • Nov 20th Guest Writer: Grounding on the Mississippi River
  • Dec 5th Guest Writer: Grounding on the Atlantic Intra-Coastal
  • Dec 20th Crew Communication


  • Jan 5th No Captains Corner due to Sam catching the Rona!
  • Jan 20th Analysis of 2020 USCG Accident Statistics
  • Feb 5th Weather and Wind Apps
  • Feb 20th Float Plans
  • Mar 5th USCG Safety Inspections
  • Mar 20th Electronic Chart Updates
  • Apr 5th Our Process for Looping
  • Apr 20th Guest Writer: Road to the Captain’s License
  • May 5th The AICW: Lions, Tigers and Bears
  • May 20th When to Go, What to Do, Who to Trust
  • Jun 5th Sam’s Six “W”s for Planning
  • Jun 20th Our Reflections on Two Loops
  • Jul 5th What it Takes to Become a Crew
  • Jul 20th Electronic Charting on the Here’s To Us!!
  • Aug 5th It Happens: When Stuff goes Wrong
  • Aug 20th What’s Harder: Boating or Flying
  • Sep 5th Labor Day on the Erie Canal
  • Sep 20th Addressing Recent Questions on the Captain License
  • Oct 5th Guest Writer: Training to Train
  • Oct 20th Guest Writer: More about Training and Reciprocity
  • Nov 5th Back to Basics: Rules of the Road
  • Nov 20th Guest Writer: A Special Visitor on the Inland Rivers
  • Dec 5th: What Direction? – Magnetic vs True
  • Dec 20th Special Christmas Message and Playlist


  • Jan 5th Boat Cards as an Important Resource
  • Jan 20th Planning One Trip at a Time
  • Feb 5th How to Help a Reluctant First Mate
  • Feb 20th What to Know when the North Wind Blows!
  • Mar 5th My App Choices for Wind and Waves
  • Mar 20th How to Update Navionics and Waterway Guide Reviews
  • Apr 5th Red, Right, Returning – Explained Thoroughly!
  • Apr 20th Analysis of 2021 USCG Accident Statistics
  • May 5th Let’s Talk About Communication
  • May 20th Save Your Marriage!!!
  • June 5th Expect the Unexpected
  • June 20th Trained but Paranoid
  • July 5th Happy Celebration Season!
  • July 20th Here’s To Us for YOU???