Start Here with the Great Loop Q&A Series: Online Courses

Need your burning questions answered about cruising on America’s Great Loop? This is the perfect place to start. Our introductory courses all include a workbook, teaching videos and the opportunity to interact with other future loopers.

The Journey, The Boat, The Crew, Living Aboard
Learn About the Journey

Great Loop Q&A: The Journey

Find out all you need to know about The Journey.

This is the most important place to start since it will determine all the other choices you have to make. It’s YOUR LOOP, YOUR WAY.

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Great Loop Q&A: The Boat

Next, it’s time to learn about the kind of Loop Boat that you need based on where you want to go on your Great Loop Journey.

This is such an important decision since so many of the costs are linked to the boat that you choose. If you already have your boat, see how your boat fits the Great Loop Journey.

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Great Loop Q&A: The Crew

Congratulations on getting your crew together! Whether it is a solo adventure, a crew of two or many, every person onboard needs to know and understand their role.

They also need to feel confident, safe and competent. We answer your questions about being part of a crew on the Great Loop.

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Great Loop Q&A: Living Aboard

Well, living on a boat is certainly different than living in a home. Very different.

There are so many details that you need to consider and plan for including how to manage your home, cars, stuff, bills, prescriptions, mail and more when you are away.

So much to manage. Let us help you figure it out as we answer all those questions that you have about living aboard a boat.

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Then, Move on to Advanced Training…

How to Lock on the Great Loop

You can’t travel on America’s Great Loop without taking your boat through locks. There are so many types and techniques to use and we show you all of them!

This 4-part course covers lock systems, captain’s training, first mate training and then video examples of 12 different types and techniques of locking.

With 43 lessons and over 4 hours of video instruction this is a must-have course when planning your Great Loop!