Training and Delivery


Captain Sam is available for training on your boat. As a licensed USCG 100T Master Captain with over 20 years of boating experience and two loops under his belt, he can help you get comfortable with feeling safe on your boat. You have seen his videos twice around the loop and how he tackles each trip. Couple that with his nearly 40 years of experience as an instructor pilot: you will learn and have fun while doing it! He can provide a proficiency training document that will attest to your skills. This document may help satisfy some insurers’ requirements.

Sam uses a building block approach to training. Once there is a contract (see below), Sam will provide you with a form to get started with training before he even gets to your boat. Upon request, he will also provide a complimentary, confidential review of your survey, which may be helpful post-survey and pre-closing.


If you need help getting your boat from one place to another (with or without you onboard), Captain Sam is available to help. Sometimes life gets in the way of getting your boat to a particular spot in time. He can move the boat with the assistance of a mate or help you along the way. You may also just need the comfort of having someone experienced onboard to help with challenging waters where you have limited experience. One of these is crossing the Gulf. It doesn’t have to be traumatic!


To enquire about Training and Delivery services, send us an email to briefly outlining your needs. Please include location(s) and any projected schedule considerations. Also, include the make, model, and year of the boat. Sam will schedule a conference call or Zoom to discuss your needs in further detail. After that, you will receive a contract agreement and quote for the services, and we will make it happen!


“The Three Best Decisions We Made!”

1) Committing to America’s Great Loop; 2) Purchasing our 4207 Carver; and 3) Hiring Sam Crouse as our training captain. We had not been boating long and moved up in boat size and knew we had a lot to learn. Sam came prepared with forms, checklists, and an agenda. Previously we had discussed what our expectations and goals were. He was informative, accommodating and skilled. He worked well with both of our differing personalities and increased our knowledge and confidence.
Monica and Gary M.
June 2024

“Attention to Details”

Sam’s attention to detail ensured every aspect of the boating process was meticulously managed, instilling the confidence needed to navigate comfortably. Moreover, Sam was consistently engaged and readily available to address any inquiries we had.
Mike and Lisa W.
April 2024

“Shout Out to Captain Sam!”

Sam helped us out immensely. He coordinated and worked with us to get our boat outfitted and electronics upgraded. Then, underway, he trained us during some challenging weather and conditions and got us safely to our new marina. We truly learned a lot from him. 
Bruce and Caroline K.
March 2024

“Five Stars”

We hired Captain Sam to help us move our boat from Jacksonville, FL to Hilton Head, SC and trained along the way.  It was the most wonderful and awesome experience of our lives. He trained us, he coached us, he taught us so many things we “didn’t know” that we did not know. We learned not only piloting, boat handling skills, and navigation, but also how to best utilize our electronics. We feel much more confident due to his tutelage. Five Stars would recommend.
Kay and Martin W.
March 2024

“Excellent Training Captain”

We appreciate all the knowledge and training you provided us. We also appreciate the friendship that was started. You are an excellent teacher/trainer with a great disposition and a ton of patience.
Mark and Dana G.
February 2024

“We Highly Recommend Sam”

We had the pleasure to have Sam as a training captain. It was not the best of conditions as we were taking the boat from Connecticut to Florida and mid-November as boating in the Northeast is less than optimal.  That aside,  Sam was extremely thorough in teaching us the nuances of our boat, both the mechanics and the navigational software. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He has continued to track our progress and stayed in touch with us, providing valuable insights.  We would highly recommend Sam as a training captain.  
Ken and Gemma C.
November 2023

Building Confidence

We really appreciate everything you did for us. I feel confident of my ability to handle the boat thanks to you. Again, thank you so much!
Tracy R.
October 2023

“Thank You Captain Sam”

We completed our long trek from Tarpon Springs to Clearlake, TX via the ICW with the training and guidance of Captain Sam Crouse, What Yacht to Do, in our new to us Sea Ray 480MY.  Good man, great trainer, friend for life! There were challenges of every boating kind along the way, and we were ever thankful Sam was there to train and guide us. We’d like to say thank you to Captain Sam, and of course to Rev who was at home without him longer than expected.  What Yacht To Do is an AGLCA sponsor!  We highly recommend them for training!  
Steve and Mille R.
February 2023