Training and Delivery

TRAINING: Captain Sam is available for training on your boat. As a licensed USCG 100T Master Captain with over 20 years of boating experience and two loops under his belt, he can help you get comfortable with feeling safe on your boat. He can provide a proficiency training certificate that will attest to your skills. This can help satisfy some insurers’ requirements. You have seen his videos twice around the loop and how he tackles each trip. Couple that with his nearly 40 years of experience as an instructor pilot: you will definitely learn and have fun while doing it!

DELIVERY: If you need help getting your boat from one place to another (with or without you onboard), Captain Sam is available to help. Sometimes life gets in the way of getting your boat to a particular spot in time. He can move the boat with the assistance of a first mate or help you along the way. You may also just need the comfort of having someone experienced onboard to help with challenging waters where you have limited experience. One of these is the crossing. It doesn’t have to be traumatic!

NEXT STEPS: To enquire about Training and Delivery services, send us an email to briefly outlining your needs. Please include location(s) and any projected schedule considerations. Also, include the make, model and year of the boat. If there is a potential fit, Sam will schedule a conference call or zoom to discuss your needs in further detail. After that, you will receive a contract agreement and quote for the services and we will make it happen!